Project 365

Posted on Jan 2, 2010


My husband sent me the link for the Project 365 iPhone app, because he knew this was so up my alley.  I love taking pictures with my iPhone (it's so convenient) and this gives me a goal to take a picture a day.  I decided to start this on January 1st and so far so good.  I am such a visual person, that having a diary of images is so great to look back on. 


I like that you can select a picture from your library.  This lets me take a picture in the moment and then log it in later.  I also like that you can add a caption to each picture to further document your day. 

Why take a picture a day?  PhotoJoJo (a fabulous site) has a great article that will give you reasons why and inspire you to try this project too.

P.S. Today is a palindrome – 01022010


  1. I love this idea! A photographic diary is so much easier to maintain than a written one. But what is the second picture? Is it fabric?

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  2. Very cool — and yay for year-long projects! ;) I’ll be launching mine this week.

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  3. Yep! It’s a pillow that Greg really liked and wants me to make one like it.
    Yay! Smartwick: I can’t wait for your launch!

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