Christmas in January

Posted on Jan 24, 2010


I just received my Christmas present from my cousin.  While it is a fair bit past Christmas, he was more on the ball than me.  He should receive my present in hopefully 10 days.  :)   Now that holidays are over and we've all returned to work, life is back to normal.  That's why a package in January is so great!  It is the perfect way to get just a tiny bit of the holidays back and add joy to a regular work day.   I loved all of my presents, but I wanted to just showcase a few here. 


I am crazy in love with these Russian doll measuring cups.  What great design!  They are so adorable and practical.  They run from 1 cup down to 1/4 of a cup.  You can't ask for a better gift.  I will be using these forever.


I love when my cousin makes things for me.  He made this bracelet which he called a failure because it is too pokey.  It is a bit pokey, but not too pokey.  I think it's just the cutest thing.  He also made mango lip balm.  It is lip smacking good! 


  1. You guys are the craftiest family ever! I love it.

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  2. Well I’m glad you liked the dolls. As with everything I see for you, I wrote it down in my iPod and then left and thought about it. The others didn’t make the cut (sushi candles! Really?)
    The bracelet- I pawed through tons of stuff to find the right beads. The lady kept telling me there was no wrong way to make a bracelet but I really wanted it to be perfect.
    Glad you like the chapstick. I think it’s mango mixed with something else. Very cool.

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