Christmas Presents – Last Post

Posted on Feb 2, 2010


I know, I know.  It's February now and I'm still talking about Christmas presents.  My cousin received his Christmas present in the mail last week, so I can finally show more wonderful handmade items I purchased this year.  Yes, I was only a month late sending this off, but I have been way later in years past.  :)

I have been in love with Berkley Illustrated art for years.   There is something about a squirrel in a tie that makes me laugh every time.  I bought these magnets and bottle openers at Crafty Wonderland.  I kept the two on the bottom right for myself and gifted the others.  One day I will have original art by this Portland Duo, but for now I'm content with these. 


I try to send my cousin cool practical items that he can use.  What is more practical than uber gay pot holders?  It turns out that my cousin already owned an apron in this exact same fabric.  I love serendipitous moments like that.  Needless to say, he loved these pot holders from Heavens to Betsie.


My cousin and I share a love for Wonder Woman.  I saw this Wonder Woman flask from jDUCT and fell in love.  I don't need another flask, but figured my cousin would love it.  I saw jDUCT many times at several different craft fairs.  I'm just so impressed with her designs and love that it's all made with duct tape. 


I bought these glass nail files at Mt. Angel's Oktoberfest.  I thought these would  make great useful gifts, and of course I also picked one out for myself.  I had no idea that my cousin was secretly coveting his mother's glass nail file.  He was thrilled to get his very own.  


My cousin is a firm believer in up keep.  I figured this Detox set would be a great way to help him in his endeavor to always look and smell good.  These local folks are getting lots of good press.  


I saw this T-shirt from many booths away and I laughed out loud.  Too cute!  The Mixed Species fellas were extremely nice and friendly.  It made me happy to give them my business.  


I adore these tumblers from Bread and Badger.  What a fun way to liven up your cocktail.  


Lastly, I didn't get these Funky Door mugs from a craft fair.  My dear friend's coffee shop The Funky Door closed it's doors forever right before Christmas.  My entire family were big fans of the little coffee shop that served amazing coffee.  I bought several mugs for family.  Now we can always keep the Funky Door close to our hearts.  You will be missed.

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