Wondrous Art Wednesday

Posted on Feb 3, 2010


Another thing I've been really wanted to get back to doing is my Wondrous Art Wednesdays.  I started showcasing art that I love once a week on my blog, because I love to discover art.  I'm constantly scrolling through previous WAW artists I've featured.  Looking at such wonderful art brings me joy.  So now it's time to get back to posting incredible art. 

Jolie Guillebeau is a new friend of mine.  She commented on my blog a few months ago because we are both from Portland and we have the same first name.  We quickly discovered that we have many more things in common.  What a small world!  Jolie paints these lovely pictures of toys that I just love.  The view master is my favorite since my husband has a small collection of them.  


She just had a show at The Fresh Pot in Powell's.  Very cool.  Definitely check out her Etsy site and Blog.  She does much more than paint. 




  1. Love this art! And I didn’t know Greg collected View-Masters — so do I! Is there a bidding war in our future? ;)

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