Bargain Hunting 101 – February 2010

Posted on Feb 9, 2010


I always get excited for the semi annual Bargain Hunting 101 show at the Crystal Ballroom.  The sales can not be beat.  It's also so novel to have a full bar at a craft fair.  It always amazes me that Portlanders will wait in line for a craft fair.  The line to get in last Saturday circled the block. 


I didn't buy anything at this show, but there are a few items that I'm coveting.


These one of a kind jackets from Bella Sisters were stunning.  For the work that goes into them their prices are extremely reasonable, but at this time a bit too high for me.  It was great to see these jackets in person.


Dana Herbert's bags are incredible.  I bought one at the last show for my sister.  She loves it and uses it all the time.  I almost broke down and bought one for myself.


These necklaces by MOSS Handmade are even prettier in person.  I just love this idea.  I think I probably kicked myself the hardest over not buying one of these necklaces.   I definitely see one in my future.


  1. I only bought two things at BH101 — and one of them was a Bella Sisters jacket! I’ve wanted one for years, and when a cute one fit my giant shoulders, I couldn’t resist. I’ll post a photo soon.

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  2. Im so jealous!  I wished I could have found a better picture of the jackets.  I just love them.  I cant wait to see yours!

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