SE Area Art Walk

Posted on Mar 7, 2010


The SE Area Art Walk is something I look forward to every  year.  It gets bigger each time and this year had 100 artists showing their work in houses and businesses.  Maps are at most stops and you can meander through the neighborhood viewing incredible art.  It's always inspiring to see an artist's workspace. 


I only bought 2 things this year.  The first was this bad ass bracelet by Adam 'Thadeus' Lutz.  Thadeus mainly does carpentry work and his business is called Black Rock Carpentry.  The other art he was showcasing were tools with musical handles.  I WISH I had taken a photo of these pieces.  They were so inventive and beautiful.  My favorite was a ball peen hammer with the body of a violin neck and scroll.  It was gorgeous!  My other favorite was an ax with the handle of a guitar neck and head.  


One house was filled with beautiful woodwork and these mind blowing acrylic puzzles.  Most puzzles were quite large with very intricate patterns.  I wish I could have afforded one of those.  I also wish I could've found images on-line of these puzzles.  I learned from talking to the elderly gentleman who makes them that they are hand cut using a blade the thickness of a horse hair. I can't imagine the patience that must take.  I took home this 2 inch puzzle.  It was a nice option for me because for an affordable price, I got to take home a little work of art.


I can't wait to see with the SE Art Walk does next year.  It's always the first weekend in March.  Mark your calendars.

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  1. Love art walks! Such a good way to celebrate local artists as well as local neighbourhoods!

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