iHanna’s Postcard Swap

Posted on Mar 8, 2010


My friends, Diana and Bettie, and I thought participating in iHanna’s Postcard Swap looked like great fun.  The basic swap gist: You send out 10 postcards you made and you will receive 10 unique postcards in return.  We spent a fun evening crafting our postcards.  We didn’t finish that night, but we all got a good handle on what we wanted to do.  It was also nice to socialize and brainstorm ideas with friends.


Here are my ten postcards.  I used pages from a Korean book I picked up for a quarter.  I had initially bought it for an art project for my cousin which I’m still hoping to get around to some day. :) The yellow paper is from straw wrapping paper from a present my cousin sent me. The purple paper is leftover from my wedding invitations (I’ve been married for almost 10 years).  The fortunes came from many take out Chinese dinners.  Yep, I’m a pack rat.  I wear that badge with pride.  But I also like knowing that a tiny bit of my life went into these postcards.


The soft deadline for mailing our postcards was February 14th.  I just received my tenth postcard a few days ago.  You can see how varied each artist was.  It was exciting to check the mail each day to see if something new had arrived.  I received postcards from The Netherlands, Texas, Denmark, Australia, Pennsylvania, Idaho, England, Niagra Falls, Nebraska and Portland, Oregon.


Yep! Portland, Oregon.  I received one of Diana’s postcards!  I was estatic because during our craft night, I was secretly coveting her adorable cards.


  1. This is the coolest idea! You and Diana are the craftiest people I know.

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  2. Aww shucks, Jolie — I was so happy to send one to you. Your postcards are beautiful! And the Portland term for Pack Rat is Environmentally Responsible.

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  3. Good clean crafty fun! Points for using the postal system! So retro of you! :)

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