Wondrous Art Wednesday – Brian Crane’s Idle Hands

Posted on Mar 10, 2010


The art at the SE Area Art Walk was just superb this year.  My favorite artist of the day was Brian Crane.  His tactile kinetic art is the most amazing thing I've seen in ages.  The piece above will travel down this ramp at the slightest touch.  It is easily hours and hours of entertainment.  We were spellbound.


This ball of screws is pliable.  When you put your hand over the ball and lightly squeeze, the screws move in your hands.  It's a crazy sensation.  Brian happily chatted with us about how he came up with his ideas.  He was such a nice guy and you could see how joyous his art made him. 


Videos of these pieces in motion are posted on his web-site.  It's definitely a site to check out.  His ideas are limitless.

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