Posted on May 4, 2010


Believe me, I spend a lot of time on my iphone.  It's one reason why I haven't been blogging as much.  I'm hooked on Facebook, Lexulous, Plants Vs Zombies and now Hipstamatic.  A friend started posting her Hipstamtic photos on Facebook and I knew I had to get this app.  The app is 2 dollars and to purchase all of the lens, film and flashes is an additional 4 dollars.  It's worth every penny.  


It takes practice to compose your photos.  The little photo display can be a bit deceiving.  Sometimes what you get is not what you were expecting, but it's hard to take a bad photo.  Each picture is a surprise which makes taking pictues so much fun.  If all the options seem overwhelming, you can always shake the iphone and Hipstamtic will randomly select the settings for you.  


This history of the original Hipstamatic 100 that two brothers in Michagin created in the early 1980's is very interesting.  I had no idea that this was an actual camera made completely (even the lens) out of plastic to give folks a camera that was cheaper than film.  Only 157 cameras were ever created. 





As you probably have noticed, these are all pictures of Atty.  My thirteen year old kitty has cancer and is nearing the end of his stay with us.  It's been an emotional time, but death is always a part of life.  It's been really wonderful taking pictures of him with the Hipstamatic.  I'm hoping to make an art project of the photos I've taken.  It's also been a great excuse to spend even more time with him.



  1. When I saw you begin to post photos from Hipstamatic, I just had to buy it, too. Mostly, I’ve been taking pictures of flowers, but I also love that each photo comes out so different. It’s one of the cooler apps, for sure. Give Atty a hug from Grandma.

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  2. Sweet Atty. I’m so glad you’re getting to say goodbye, and these photos are beautiful. Hang in there.

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  3. Thanks for the background on Hipstamatic. Had no idea what that was and was too embarrassed to ask. Great photos of Atty and that is a great way to pay tribute to a loyal friend.

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