The Gathering

Posted on May 6, 2010

Every Spring I look forward to the Gathering of the Guilds.  It is hands down my favorite craft fair of the year.   I spent 5 hours at this festival at the Oregon Convention Center on Friday.  Boy, my dogs were sure barking from all the walking, but it was worth every step.  I found lots of presents and a few things I picked up for myself.  It was such a fun day and I walked away with lots of inspiration.


I also bought this pendant of a raspberry leaf from my good friends Vince and Sabrina.  I had purchased a necklace from them at the last guild show, but I ended up giving it away as a present.  I'm definitely keeping this one for myself.  :)


They have such great packaging as well.  It's such a treat to open up a box and find a bit of nature inside. 

This year the Guild show shared the same venue as Crafty Wonderland.  Between the two groups there were probably around 700 to 800 craft booths all under one roof.  That is astounding!  I'm thrilled to live in a town that makes this kind of craft experience possible.  It's truly unique and mind blowing. 

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