Birthday Wish

Posted on May 11, 2010


I turned 36 on Sunday.  I had a marvelous day being pampered by family.  My husband brought me a Pine State Biscuit sandwich which was heavenly.  The day was gorgeous, so we rode bikes around the Waterfront.  Then dinner with my mom and sister's family to celebrate my day and Mother's day.  It was a perfect day.

A few years ago I came up with the idea for a different kind of Birthday Wish.  This isn't the kind you make while blowing out the candles.  It is way more practical than that.  Each year I get to think of something very small and silly that bugs me about my husband.  After I make my wish, my husband isn't allowed to do that annoying trait for one full year.  It's a lot of fun.   It's a small gift that your partner can give you out of love and also makes your life just smidge better.  The added benefit is that after a year, that trait will be permanently gone.

I drive down a very narrow street to get to my house.  I love this little street.  It brings me great joy.  My husband hates this street.  He is compelled to say how much he hates it every time I drive it.  This year my birthday wish is that my husband can not say mean things about my street for one year.  :)

My husband will get to make his wish next month.  I'm more than happy to give up an annoying habit for him.


  1. Love that idea! Getting away from the material. It is the thought that really counts! Glad that you were pampered!

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  2. That is a brilliant tradition, Jolie! You are so darned creative. Love it!

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  3. That’s a great wish. . . I love that street, too.

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