The Lion King

Posted on Jun 22, 2010



On Sunday I saw The Lion King which was the final play in this season's Broadway show.  I'm so glad that this season ended on such a high note.  The only play better this year was Fiddler on the Roof which started off the season.


The costumes were just breathtaking.  I had aisle seats, so I had a great view of the animals walking down the aisles.  One hyena scared me half to death!  The visual affects were stunning.  I really couldn't find a single fault with this production.  I really loved it.

Before the show, we went to Sushi Mazi for happy hour.  I love their food, but they are usually a bit out of my price range.  Happy hour makes this much more affordable.  It's still not cheap (well, by my standards), but each piece is a work of art and it's a nice change from conveyor belt sushi.  If you go, you should eat a grasshopper.  I did and it was great fun!


  1. You can’t say anything bad about it but I believe I’m up to the challenge! Yeah loved everything, costumes, music, blah blah until we got to the beginning of Act II. (I think- I can’t remember now it’s been awhile). They had these people on these vines, slithering up and down it and the (unintentionally audible) thought that came to me was
    My coworker Sarah still reminds me of this to this day. She couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. I’m sorry but it was so random!
    But yes a good show other than that!

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  2. Hi Jolie
    Dan forwarded me your blog so I thought I would add in on his story …
    We saw it in London. I can’t quote the scene, but basically, Simba and Nala fall in love. At that point in the show we had two things going on … two aerial flyers flying in from each side and then twining together (as the music swelled to a crescendo) … and then a guy walking in with the girl on his shoulders – she reaching up to the heavens … two become one … the symbolism was kind of obvious … but its a kids show so consummation happens symbolically! … (can’t have the lion cubs without it you know …) …
    And Dan’s unintentionally audible thought in the midst of the cheese fest … was
    Oh …
    My …
    in a outraged, utterly disgusted tone … we were all thinking it … he said it and wiped out a 5 seat radius as we all cracked up (albeit quietly) …
    I have talked to others who have seen the show and they didn’t see that scene, so maybe (hopefully) it got axed!
    The costumes, set, props and music were stunning though!

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