Providence Bridge Pedal

Posted on Aug 9, 2010


I finally did the bridge pedal!  It's been something my husband and I have wanted to do for ages.  We seemed to always be out of town during the bridge pedal.  This year we were in town and good friends convinced us to ride with them.


We signed up for the 5 bridge route.  You can also do a route of 7 or 10 bridges.   We were supposed to start at the Morrison bridge, but we live close to the Ross Island and couldn't get to the Morrison without biking head on into thousands of bikers.  I'm not one to go against the grain, so we chucked the course route and jumped on the Ross Island bridge amongst the 7 bridge riders.


The Marquam bridge almost killed me.  You can see the bikers coming up that steep incline.  Tough!  I had to take a couple of water breaks, but I made it!


The Fremont was another killer, but the views were worth it.  The crowds weren't too bad.  There were a couple of scary spots due to congestion, but I luckily stayed on my bike the entire time.  Coming off the Freemont, we had 2 motorcycle cops give us a police escort to the finish line.  I think since we were off our normal route they thought we were the first of the 5 bridge riders to finish.  It was pretty exciting to have an escort.


I would definitely do this again.  We crossed Ross Island, Hawthorne, Marquam, Fremont and Steel bridges.  The day was gray with just a bit of misting.  Pretty much perfect for riding, but my pictures are a bit dark.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but really I was more focused on completing the ride without dying.  :)

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  1. Good job, Jolie! We had a blast when we did the Bridge Pedal a few years ago — maybe next year, we can all do it together.

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