Mixer Match Round 4

Posted on May 7, 2012


All photos by Jen Neitzel

I Heart Art: Portland’s latest Mixer Match event was last month.  This was the first Mixer Match I participated in as a member of the Leadership Council.  I helped organize the event with Jen Neitzel and Deenie Wallace.  I had a great time and learned so much.


The night of the event, I worked the check in table with my sis.  We did this at the last Mixer Match too.  I did most of the email correspondence with folks about the event, so it was easy to check people in.  It was great matching faces to names and meeting lots of new people.


The event was at the very cool Design Within Reach.  This is such the perfect venue for our event and the folks at DWR are so gracious and nice.  We had a great spread of food and I made 120 mini cupcakes.


This is most of the Leadership Council.  It’s such a great group of people and I’m really honored to be apart of this incredible organization.  Our next Mixer Match even will be in July.  I can’t wait!

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  1. My drama-queen heart swelled with pride seeing you work the camera! You looked GREAT! Snaps!

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