Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Posted on Sep 1, 2010

Long days

My cousin and I went to see Long Day's Journey Into Night at the Newmark Theater last week.  I'm always trying to find something of culture for us to do when he visits.  I didn't know much about this play beforehand, but reading how it came to be and that William Hurt would star in the production was just too good to pass up.  Before the play, I watched the movie that has a stunning performance by Katherine Hepburn.  I had also picked up the play at Goodwill and was about halfway through when I saw the Artists Repertory Theater's Production.   The written play is amazing because of all of the detailed thoughts and emotions Eugene O'Neill gives each character in his most autobiographical play.  Almost every single sentence spoken has a distinct emotion attached to it.  

William Hurt 

The performance was so moving.  The actors were stellar and their performance moved me to tears.  It's such a hard emotional play and the actors put their heart and soul into their work.  This is a play not to be missed.  They have extended the production until Sept 5th.  Portland is the only city in America to host this production.  We are blessed to have such quality grace our town.

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