Back to School Shopping

Posted on Sep 7, 2010


It's Oregon tradition that school always starts the day after Labor day.  It's something that's so rooted in our culture and makes children of all ages dread the holiday because it symbolizes their last day of freedom.  


Following family tradition, we took my niece on the 11th Annual Back to School Shopping Trip.   Since 1st grade, my husband and I have taken my niece shopping to get her outfitted for the new academic year.  For many years, this consisted of filling extensive class room supply lists.  Now as she enters her junior year, it's mostly about new clothes.  I love that my niece asked to shop at Buffalo Exchange for her new clothes.  


We spent a Sunday afternoon trying on clothes at Buffalo along with Red Light Exchange, Naked City and Crossroads Trading.  We even stopped at the Waffle Window to re-gain our energy.  We had a great time and it amazing to see the beautiful, smart, independent woman my niece is becoming.  I'm so proud of her.

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