Taking Trimet – PDX Bus App

Posted on Sep 14, 2010


Last Saturday I had a very jam packed day.  I had matinĂ©e tickets to Burn the Floor, MFNW tickets to see the Decemberists at Pioneer Courthouse Square and concerts at the Crystal Ballroom after that.  The bus was the only way this day was going to work.  

I always use the PDX Bus app on my iPhone because it's extremely simple to use and is mind boggling accurate.  It's never been wrong once for me.  Luckily I live close in, so my options for buses are good.  We were home (across the river) from the Crystal Ballroom in about 20 minutes and we had to change buses.  The new bus mall is gorgeous and well lit even at midnight.  It's such a convenient choice.  It will be even cooler when the new Milwaukie Max line is put in.  I only have to wait about 4 more years. 


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