Kina Grannis at The Aladdin Theater

Posted on Sep 20, 2010


Last Friday, my sis-in-law, new bro-in-law, my husband and I all went to see Kina Grannis at the Aladdin Theater.  I only knew of Kina because my sis had used this song as her wedding song last month.  I'm always up for a show at the Aladdin Theater because it continues to be my favorite venue in Portland.   It has a comfortable feel in a gorgeous setting.  Everyone is always just so nice.  From the staff to the attendees, you get a good feeling being here.  

Ry Cummings  

Performers are struck by this friendliness too.  At almost every concert I've see at the Aladdin, the opening acts thank the audience.  They genuinely seem amazed that Portland's audience is listening, applauding and, as Ry Cumings said on Friday, present.  I love this.  I love that we care about all music and not just the headliners.  I love that we care about being respectful to someone putting their heart and soul on stage for us.  I didn't realize this attitude was rare in audiences.


Friday's show was no exception.  Both Imaginary Friend and Ry Cumings were awed by their reception.  Both were only equipped with an acoustic guitar, but managed to capture the entire theater with their heartfelt beautiful songs.  They were just as good as Kina (and she was fab), but are still on the road to being discovered.  Ry Cummings, who is opening soon for Maroon 5 and One Republic, is off to a great start.  Something tells me he will be headlining soon.  I would definitely pay to see Imaginary Friend again.  His voice is stunning.  


Like I said, Kina was wonderful.  She put on a great show and I'm so glad I went.  This was my favorite song she sang. The theater was only half full and we sat in the balcony so my pregnant sis could be near the bathroom.   I know the next time she comes through town, the place will be packed.  It was a wonderful night filled with great music.  The seats and bar (pizza and beer) are icing on the cake at the Aladdin.  There isn't a more comfortable venue in town.


On a final note: I loved that we could take flash photography at the show!  Sitting in the balcony it was fun to see all of the flashes and folks wanting to get pictures of every act. I wish more shows allowed this.   


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