Cool Beans – Coffee Ice

Posted on Sep 22, 2010

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For my last birthday, my cousin did a whole coffee theme.  Well, I finally got around to making my own coffee ice.  It's so much fun!

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I froze last bit of my pot of coffee and made these adorable coffee beans.  I thought it was going to be really hard popping these out of their silicon tray, but it super easy. 

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Cute!  I also found the best use for them.  Put a couple of coffee ice cubes in a glass with some Bailey's and you've got pure heaven.  I think this would be great for a dinner party.  


Happy Birthday to my cousin and my best friend.  May the year be feel with happiness and adventure!  Your present will arrive in Toronto soon-ish.  :)



  1. They look so cute!! Thanks for showing me thow they turned out! Will look forward to awesomeness soonish!

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  2. OMCoffee! I have made coffee ice cubes before, but never as adorable, ginormous coffee beans. They’re perfect in iced coffee, too, so it doesn’t dilute as the ice melts. Yummy.

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  3. Adorable! You guys are the best gifters.

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