Blog Tune up with Sister Diane

Posted on Oct 4, 2010

Blog Tune Up

In my continued quest to re-define That Jolie Girl and how it will co-exist with my other blog adventure Handmade in Portland, I've decided to take Sister Diane's Blog Tune-Up class.  This is 3 week online class that started today!  I've already received my first lesson that I'll read later tonight.  I've been wanting to revamp this blog and this seemed like the perfect way to do it.  I know I'll be in good hands with Sister Diane – who really is Portland Craft Royalty.   So look for changes to this site over the next month and beyond.  I can't wait to take Sister Diane's ideas and infuse new life into my personal blog.  If you have any ideas on how I can make this site better, let me know!  I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I am happy to be in class with you! It will be exciting to see our blogs change and grow! :)

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