The Weepies

Posted on Oct 25, 2010


Last week, I saw The Weepies at the Aladdin Theater with my husband and mom-in-law.  It was really wonderful to see one of our favorite bands.  I love attending a concert where I can sing along to almost all of the songs.  They put on an incredible show to a sold out audience.  They had great banter and told many stories of how their songs came into being.  It was nice to see this couple making music and a life together.  You could hear the joy in their voices.


The whole night I was thinking about the last time I saw Deb Talen perform.  It was over 15 years ago and she was performing in the band Hummingfish at Key Largo as part of NXNW.  That night she sang 'She' which is the song I share with my husband.  I remembered that night vividly.  I remembered dancing my heart out with the man I was to marry.  I remembered dancing to this song on our wedding day.  I remembered all of the good and bad times we have shared over almost 2 decades.  I sat in that packed Aladdin theater grateful for the imperfect life that has been encapsulated between these 2 performances.  It was a wonderful night.

Here is the song She.

 Their new song, Be My Thrill, is such a catchy song has been stuck in my head since the concert. This will give you a sense of why this concert was sold out.  

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