Snoqualmie Falls – on the way to Seattle

Posted on Jun 27, 2012


Greg and I spent a long weekend in Seattle a while back.  On the way up, we made the excursion to Snoqualmie Falls.  This was the first time I’ve been to these amazing falls.  So spectacular!  Of course, the falls makes me (and everyone) think of Twin Peaks.  It was so amazing to finally see them in person.

There is a ton of construction happening at the falls.  The trail down to the water was closed due to this.  Still, it was great fun to stand in the mist and to hear so many different languages being spoken.




After seeing the falls, we drove 4 miles to North Bend for a great lunch at the highly rated North Bend Pub and Grill.  As we were leaving, we noticed this train across the street and decided to get a closer look.  The train headed for a scenic loop of Snoqualmie falls was leaving in a few minutes.  We spontaneously got tickets and had a marvelous time.







It was amazing to see worker bees so close to the edge of the falls.  What a dangerous job!




The views from the train were stunning.




I stood in this doorway, so I could take pictures without dirty glass in the way.  It was a tiny bit scary, but mostly great fun.




Half of the fun was checking out the old train cars.



It was really a great day and the rain held off until we were on the road to Seattle.  I can’t wait to come back and hike in this area when the trail is re-opened.


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