Crafty Wonderland Collosal Craft Fair

Posted on Dec 8, 2010



I'm gearing up for the huge Crafty Wonderland – Super Colossal Holiday Sale this weekend.  This is the kind of event that you should stretch well beforehand.  It's not for the faint of heart.  This sale is held at the convention center and more than 200 artists will be selling their handmade wares. 

The crowds can be intense and sometimes it can be hard to see everything.  To save my sanity and to make this event the most productive it can be, I research all vendors before going to the craft fair.  You can find a list of vendors here.  I sit with my computer, Christmas lists and coffee and get to work.  Folks who know me know that I'm extremely indecisive.  If I'm on the fence of buying something in the heat of the moment, I will almost always not make the purchase and then kick myself later.  I've found that I spend more money and cross more items off my Christmas list, by taking an hour or two to do some research in advance.  It makes the event much more fun and less stressful if I have a list of my 'must buys' while giving myself leeway to make a few spur of the moment purchases.  I'm hoping at the end of this event, I'll have 99% of my Christmas shopping done.  I can't wait!


CW postcard

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