Posted on Dec 10, 2010


When I was at the beach over Thanksgiving, my husband and I enjoyed a morning of walking on and around Nye Beach.  I ran into this very vain seagull there.  I love when impromptu photo shoots happen when you least expect it.  This is what happened with this guy.




He was pearched on a pole and everytime I got close to him, he would jump to the next pole about 3 feet away.  He was completely not scared and he had no desire to fly away.  So I just kept walking up to him and he kept jumping back and forth between poles.




I could only take one photo each time he jumped.  It was a crap shoot as to what I would get.  There was no time to frame the shot or to think at all.  I just kept clicking.




The very top shot is the money shot.  I love it so very much.  But I had to take many, many pictures to get that one shot.  But that was more than half of the fun.  I loved hanging with this very vain guy and the experience of trying to catch him in flight.




Looking through all of the outtakes was great fun.  I’ve posted a few of my favorites.  Sometimes the not so perfect pictures are pretty darn great too.




Below is my guy looking oh so very cool.  He was still there when I walked away.  I don’t think he was ready to end the photo shoot.





  1. Those are so amazing. I love his little webbed feet.

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  2. I love the pictures! I love seagulls, though there are those that call them “flying rats”. The reason “He was completely not scared and he had no desire to fly away” is because the gulls get very peoplized. This is one of the reasons for the posted signs “Please don’t feed the seagulls”. After a while when they don’t get what they want from us, they become aggressive. Not good.
    I love your blog!

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  3. You’ve got to submit that photo somewhere. Its so amazing. I love how the light flows through the feathers. Beautiful!!

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  4. This was a awesome pictures you share with us.It made me smile.I just love this pictures.It was a real example of the natural beauty.

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