Paper Flower Garlands

Posted on Dec 30, 2010

Garland flowers


Now that Christmas is over, I've started production on paper flowers for my cousin's wedding in February.  I'm so excited to finally begin this project.  I did lots of research and tried to figure out as much as I could before diving in.  Since I have this week off from work, I figured this is the golden opportunity to get a big head start on making flowers. 




I decided to start off easy with the paper flower garlands.  I used this paper flower garland tutorial as my guide.  Garlands are a great way to spruce up a space fast.  They can go almost anywhere and instantly make a place look festive.  These flowers are made out of vellum.  I'm going to string all of the flowers, packed very close together, now and then in Toronto, it will be quick and easy to restring them to the lengths we need.  Looking on the web, it looks like a lot of flower garlands are spaced about 4 inches apart.  I'm hoping to have at least 50 feet worth of garlands, if not more.  


Garland Stuck


I bought a brand new flower punch for this project.  I love getting new tools!  The vellum is very hard to work with and it kept getting stuck in the punch.  I kept a pair of tweezers handy and got really adept at de-clogging the punch fast.  I love how these are turning out and it's worth the extra steps.


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  1. These are going to look great! I keep meaning to ask you- what do you think about flower chaining off some of the aisles in the sanctuary? So there wouldn’t be “sides”- just one center aisle? I go back and forth because for the sake of pictures, folks might WANT to sit on the extreme sides. I guess you can take a look at it when you are here and give me your thoughts.

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