Christmas Present to Myself

Posted on Jan 5, 2011


I still can't reveal any Christmas presents that I made this year because I'm in the process of getting together with friends and exchanging presents, but I can show you what I bought myself!  I found this necklace at the huge Crafty Wonderland sale.




I was immediately drawn to it because I love inlaid wood, not to mention that the necklace is just gorgeous.  But it is even much cooler than just being pretty, because the pendant is actually two magnets.  There is no traditional clasp to this piece.  The pendant is the clasp which I think is so ingenious and unique.  I've never seen anything like it before.



The necklaces were originally on display as hearts.  I'm not the biggest heart fan, so flipping the magnets around to be an oval is much more my style.  Still it will be nice to have a heart to wear on Valentine's Day or an anniversary.



I wish I could help promote these incredible necklaces.  I've been wearing mine almost every day and I've gotten tons of compliments.  Boys really notice it too because of the inlaid wood.  Adam Gross is the creator of the wooden magnetic jewelry, but he was out of business cards when I asked and I can't find a web presence for him at all.  It's truly unfortunate, because his work is beautiful and he was a really nice (and crazy cute) guy.  I hope to run into him again at a future craft fair; I would definitely buy another 1 or 2 as presents for others.


  1. I loved this unique necklace when I saw you wearing it. It is lovely and fascinating. And my birthday is a mere nine months away……..

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  2. I love it, too! So unusual and creative.

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  3. Found your blog via Craft Gossip and had to check it out. My 12 year old daughter’s name is Jolie and we live outside Portland. Always fun to meet another Jolie! it doesn’t happen often :)

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  4. I will have to judge the crazy cuteness myself. I can’t take your word for it. Sorry. However the documentation of the necklace does convince me that this is a kickass piece of jewelry! I like how it can be a heart AND an oval. multiuse! Magnets! Wood! Who knew! This dude needs a website with pictures of his stuff. And his crazy cuteness. He could even be shirtless, you know, for the sake of art. :)

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  5. This is my good friends jewelry. Adam rocks! Neat to see his work on the internet!

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  6. From another friend of adam’s: He is both ridiculously talented and cute!! Website coming soon!!! I will see to that!!

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  7. That’s great news, Amber! I can’t wait to see it. I constantly have people ask me where I got my necklace. I’d love to steer them to Adam.

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