Paper Flower Assistant

Posted on Jan 16, 2011

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I'm neck deep in making paper flowers at the moment.  I'm really not doing much else since my cousin's wedding is almost exactly a month from now.  Since he's in Toronto, I need to mail off paper flowers to him soon!  So for now, all other activities are put on hold, so I can focus on this project.  

I have had a constant companion while I make flowers.  Trilly is always by my side.  And while he's not the best assistant (he's pretty lazy), he's my favorite cheer leader. 

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  1. Does Trilly get to play in the leftover paper? I’m thinking that’s his plan.

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  2. I have cat envy. Seriously. I had a black cat when I was a kid. Okay that’s not true. My mom hated cats so my neighbours had a black cat and I pretended it was mine. His name was Ernie but I thought that was a stupid name so I renamed him Licorice (get it?) and pretended we could read each others’ minds just like the alien cat in that Disney movie (can’t remember the name).
    Good times.

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  3. I see my cat isn’t the only one who likes to cuddle with random paper scraps. :)

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