My Cousin’s Wedding

Posted on Feb 28, 2011


My cousin is married!  I'm so happy for him and his husband, Ivan.  I spent all of last week in Toronto helping them put it all together.  It was work, but it was also a whole lot of fun.  I'm so glad I was able to have this week to re-connect with Danny and to meet and get to know Ivan.  


The top photo is my wedding present to them.  I bought it last spring at the Pottery Guild's show.  I instantly loved this small wall hanging, but I was worried about the saying.  My Spanish is not the best.  Luckily, Diana was with me and explained that it means 'do everything with love'.  What better wish could you want for your future life?  


The wedding was beautiful and I cried buckets.  The reception was fun and I danced like crazy.  I will have several blog posts soon about the decorations I did for the wedding and also few on Toronto, herself.  


This post is about the joy of two people coming together in front of friends and family and declaring their love to each other.  I'm so happy that my cousin found his match.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness and may they do everything with love.

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  1. Awww! This was very sweet. I had my doubts about having an event that involved the whole family and friend groups but I never had a doubt about wanting you to be involved. :)
    The wall hanging will be perfect in the kitchen. I found the perfect spot!

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