Zinnia Seed Wedding Favors

Posted on Mar 2, 2011


For my cousin's wedding, I made these Zinnia Seed wedding favors.  I used this Martha Stewart tutorial and it worked great!  I followed the directions exactly and had no trouble making these.  


The only trouble was working with international rules and plants.  The original idea was to have tulip bulbs for favors.  This became quite the headache because I could easily get tulip bulbs in the states (even though it's off season), but couldn't ship these to my cousin in Toronto due to international rules about plants crossing the border.  On the flip side, I couldn't find any Canadian companies selling bulbs since it was off season.  So at the last minute the bulb idea had to be scrapped.


Instead we went with Zinnia seeds.  I had tins and seeds shipped directly to my cousin's house because the timing was cutting it close.  


I cut out all of the tissue paper ahead of time to save time when I was in Toronto.  The theme was paper flowers and they wanted all different festive colors.  These favors also doubled as table decorations.  I love it when one project can do double duty.  It also made cleaning up much faster too!


I also created and hand punched all of the outside tags for these favors ahead of time. The template that Martha has on her site didn't quite fit my needs.  So I used templates from Avery's website which are fully modifiable and easy to use.  Since I was using a hand punch, I had to measure and cut out each row (four rows to a sheet of paper) before I could punch them.  


I used the same process for punching out the seed labels that I affixed to each tin with double sided tape.  My cousin had picked out a quote and I printed half of the labels in English and half in Spanish. Again, I did all of this ahead of time before arriving in Toronto.  I only had to assemble the favors once I was at my cousin's house.  Assembling favors took most of one day.  Tying the tag around the tissue paper in a bow took the most time.  Tying a knot would have been easier, but harder for guests to open at the reception. 

Unfortunately, I had made tags, punched them out and attached string to them for 200 tulip bulbs. Luckily I had time before leaving for Toronto to re-do the tags for Zinnia seeds.  


This was a really fun project and I would definitely do it again for another party.  Being able to do everything ahead of time saved lots of worry the week before the wedding.  The favors were a big hit and I got lots of compliments.  The only added problem to these seed favors was bringing them back into the states after the wedding.  My sister was sent to the scary back room at airport customs and had to dump all of her seeds.


  1. They turned out really well! Also thanks to Greg for giving you a hand with the strings and such!

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  2. You are amazing! Thanks for the links, too. I’m going to check out Avery’s website for the templates. I’m thinking I need to do something for packaging my necklaces and have often thought of your lovely flower tags.

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