Wedding Paper Flower Garlands

Posted on Mar 7, 2011


One of the big projects for my cousin's wedding was making paper flower garlands.  We knew this would be an easy way to decorate a large space quickly.  I followed this tutorial and I highly recommend it.  I used vellum for my flowers and bought a 1.5 inch flower hand punch to punch them out.


This was the demo that I made to show  my cousin.  It helped me visualize how these would look exactly.  I used curling ribbon to string the garland because some of the lengths were 40 feet long. Fabric ribbon would have been way too expensive to use.


Luckily, my cousin and his friends help me string garland when I arrived in Toronto.  Having help made for quick work.  We had taken measurements the Sunday before, so we knew exactly how long to make each garland.  I labeled each garland with its length and the location of where it was going to end up. This made setting up super easy and fast. We spaced each group of 2 flowers 4 inches apart. Besides hanging garland in the reception hall, we also used it to rope off pews in the large church to encourage people to sit closer to the front.  


I punched 1,560 flowers total and created roughly 300 feet of garland.  I can't believe my original projection was 50 feet.  I'm so glad I made more! This is a very cheap decoration for parties and looks beautiful.  I only spent about $15.00 on the vellum paper and the flower punch was on sale for about $10.00.  I already owned the 5/8 inch hole puncher used to create the center hole.  (That's another 1,560 punches for those of you, like me, who deal with carpal tunnel.  I like using squeeze punches, because I used my left hand to punch the flowers which gives my dominent right hand a much needed break.)  The real cost was the time it took to cut down the paper and to punch the flowers.  This was easily done while watching movies with Trilly, so it wasn't much of a hardship. 


Cleaning up after the wedding was a breeze!  I had family quickly un-string the flowers from the ribbon when they were taking them down; literally took seconds to pull them off.  I saved all of the flowers so I can re-string them again for future use.  I wanted to have some garlands for my house and now, for free, I will.

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  1. So did you ever use these in your house? Interesting! I liked how they were used in the sanctuary to get people to sit front and center.

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