What I did for the World Domination Summit

Posted on Jul 16, 2012


I was lucky enough to be an ambassador at the inaugural World Domination Summit. I got so much good out of that weekend and it even helped me make a shift to my blog that relieved much anxiety for me.  I was on a WDS high for many weeks after the event.  I was so impressed with how nice everyone was.  The positive energy was tangible and gave me lots to think about.  I was thrilled to volunteer again this year.




Jen and I created a crazy awesome backdrop for the photo booth at the opening and closing parties.  At the opening party, I opted to help with registration.  I’m much better at helping people than mingling.  I was relieved to do this for a few hours.




I also did some leg work to set up this video booth at the Newmark theater.  Based on this idea, attendees could draw and write how they felt about WDS.  People came up with some wonderful ideas and I can’t wait to see the end result when the footage is cut down into a short movie.  On Saturday morning, I monitored the video booth.




Saturday afternoon, I was free to watch workshops at the Eliot center.  I got to see the fabulous Danielle LaPorte.  I had missed Brene Brown earlier in the morning, so I was thrilled that I got to attend her workshop.  I even made Brene cooler by turning off all the lights in the very warm room.




After the workshops, everyone returned to the Newmark theater for the afternoon keynote speeches.  I was lucky enough to watch these from back stage.  Very cool.




Sunday morning, I handed out super hero cards for speaker Chris Brogan.  It was nice to chat with people as they were entering/leaving the theater.  The year was no different than last, people were super friendly.  It was inspiring to hear the speakers as well as the stories of attendees I happened to meet.  Such great positive energy to the entire group.




Sunday afternoon, Jen and I set up the photo booth backdrop at the Crystal Ballroom for the closing party.




We were done with enough time to attend Pam Slim’s workshop and see her on top of a piano.




After WDS wrapped up at the Newmark Sunday afternoon, we headed back to the Crystal to make sure everything was ready for the closing party.  When the party was just getting started, I had the scary job of mingling with the crowd.  So many attendees came up to thank me personally and the other ambassadors for their hard work. Their sincere remarks were very touching.




From 9pm until 12am, I worked at the photo booth.  I was so grateful for this job.  Mingling, is so not my thing, but give me a task to do and I quickly become more out going.  I had such a great time taking all kinds of crazy photos.  It was such great fun.  It was a very exhausting weekend and I didn’t get much sleep, but it was the most wonderful experience and I’m already thinking about being an ambassador next year.



  1. You rocked that photobooth at the end Jolie, I had no energy left in me! Plus rocking everything else all weekend! Glad we got to spend some time together, you’re a gooden! :)

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  2. Thanks, Jena! It was so great to spend time with you too. I hope we get the chance again soon. :)

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