Paper Flower Boutonnieres

Posted on Mar 9, 2011


I made 14 paper flower boutonnieres for the wedding. My cousin had asked that his and his husband's be red since they were going to wear white tuxes.  The rest of the wedding party's were done in white to offset the festive colors we were wearing.  


I used the same technique I did for the flowers in the paper wreath.  These flowers were to be more like lilies, so I cut the crepe paper into tear drop shapes.  The little tab at the bottom of the tear drop is used to attach the petal to wire. I used this Martha tutorial as a jumping off point, but cross referenced many tutorials to find a way that worked the best for me.  Practice!  Creating paper flowers took a lot of practice time.  This isn't something that's going to look good the first time you try it.  It takes time to get a feel for the crepe paper and floral tape.  After making about 5, I started to get in the groove and could manipulate my materials the way I wanted.


After I had made the flowers, I had to figure out how to turn them into boutonnieres.  I used gardening wire to attach the stamen.  Then I used floral tape to secure the petals to the wire base.  I left a couple of inches of wire at the bottom to create the base.  Then I wrapped the base almost exactly how I had done my sister's wedding bouquets.  First I wrapped felt around the wire base to give it more bulk and to remove any chance of the wires poking through.  Then I wrapped the felt in floral tape and then finally in ribbon.  I secured the whole thing with floral pins, leftover from my sis' wedding.  I didn't use any glue at all.  


Here they all are in their full glory.  These little guys traveled very well.  They were in my carry on luggage on the plane.  I did have to spruce them up a bit, before the wedding, but it was very manageable.

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