Paper Flowers for the Wedding Cake

Posted on Mar 10, 2011


My cousin and I had originally talked about having paper flowers on the wedding cake.  We had talked about the cake looking something like this one and using paper flowers would be an inexpensive way to spruce up a plain cake.


Their wedding cakes ended up looking like their wedding invitation and weren't plain at all! There was really no way for the wedding cake guru to fit my paper flowers on these extraordinary cakes. 


I also must say that I was extremely nervous about making flowers for the cake, especially after I had mailed 25 flowers to my cousin and the all ended up looking like this.  I just didn't want their cake to look bad because of my sad, sad flowers. 


I firmly believe that things happen for a reason.  The cake was gorgeous by itself with no help from me and my flowers were fluffed up and put in a vase that sat on the head table. They looked great and helped make the head table – with a few additional pom-pom flowers attached to the couples wine glasses – more festive.


At the end of the night, this bouquet was tossed into the group of single folks to see who would be married next.  This is another case of how my flowers started off not being used for the purpose they were created, but ended up having a much more powerful impact than I could have imagined. 


  1. Jolie, you and Danny and his husband are all just amazing. Everything about the wedding was gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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  2. This blog is really very nice and impressive. This cake is gorgeous and looking really very nice. These all wedding cake is so awesome.

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  3. I love these all the wedding cake and all cakes looking are fantastic and awesome. Also I like to eat these all the cake. I am very impressed by these all great looking cakes.

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  4. You and Danny and husband said all just amazing. All about wedding was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. This wedding cake so colourful. Everything about the wedding was gorgeous. In above photo,Everyone enjoyed the party. I excited for it. I like cake.

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  6. Fabulous paper work and appreciate for joining creative inspirations. Those papers you used is awesome. Those wedding cake is very lovely.

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  7. Those wedding cake was really wonderful. In this party everyone looking so happy and everything about the wedding was gorgeous. I also make this on my wedding anniversary. I impressed by that.

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  8. Wow. Interesting comments on this. Yeah that cake was a work of art. And so good! I’m glad. People always notice the cake. The flowers! I’d totally forgotten that detail too! I’m happy how they served as the table setting and flower bouquet! Awesome!

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