Mementos of Toronto

Posted on Mar 11, 2011


I've been looking for the perfect pair off glovelettes for ages!  I just couldn't find a pair that called to me until now.  I found this pair designed in Toronto at Kensington Market. this neighborhood filled with local art, amazing restaurants and a laid back attitude reminds me a lot of the Hawthorne neighborhood and is such a fun place to visit.  I wish I could have spent more time there this trip.

Image (1)

In the Distillery District, I bought this urchin glass ring directly from the artist at Tank.  She had a wonderful studio set up and I even got to watch her do some lamp work.  It's interesting that she buys all of her glass from Bullseye which we are so blessed to have in Portland.

Image (2)

I love find things to remember my travels.  It's even better when I can buy local goods and support artists in the areas I'm visiting.  


  1. SO CUTE! Love both of these mementos. You have such good taste.

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  2. wow! Maybe I heard about these finds but totally don’t remember them. Cool! I think local art makes for the best souvenirs!

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