Secret Decoder Ring

Posted on Mar 16, 2011



You might have read over on Handmade in Portland that my bestie Diana decided to move back to California.  Her decision was made many moons ago and she made the leap at the beginning of February.  This change has deeply affected me.  Besides losing my best friend, I also lost my Short Fuses and HiP business partner.   Her leaving coincided with my cousin's wedding, so for sanity sake I had to shelf my feelings of loss to focus on my paper flower project.  Now that she's been gone a little more than a month, I'm feeling how this change is affecting me.  I don't want to delve into that too much and since this is a craft blog, I wanted to show a few crafty things that happened surrounding her leaving.




In preparation for her departure, I bought Diana this Oregon pinata by Paper, Flour, Water at Crafty Wonderland in December.  We filled it with toys and booze and had a great time busting it to pieces at her karaoke going away party.


Image (8)

 In an attempt to spend as much time with Diana before she left, we started playing trivia at La Merde.  The Horny Blackouts had a short, but fun filled run.  Our team of 4 played for four months and had more fun than imaginable.  We even celebrated a win and new relationships were formed.




Diana's going away cake from Bakery Bar was exquisite.  It had the St. John's Bridge on one side and the Golden Gate Bridge on the other.  Besides being beautiful, this coconut cake was the best cake I've eaten in ages.




On our last night of trivia, Diana gave me this Secret Decoder Ring.  She commissioned Shannon Conrad of Ruby Girl to make one for me and one for herself.  There is red and black enamel representing her and blue and green enamel representing me.  The ring turns to expose the different colors.  It's a symbol of our continued friendship; while we might not be able to see each other we will always remain close.  




This ring is stunning!  Shannon really out did herself.  It's beautifully constructed and wonderful piece of art.  I find myself staring at the underside almost as much as the top because the construction is so complicated.




In this age of email, we still get enough of each other in emails and FaceBook.  We will also visit each other often.  This is simply a change to my life.  We started our friendship 8 years ago and have weathered many changes over the years.  This new chapter will be no different except I can no longer drive to her house in 11 minutes.


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