Bamboo iPhone 4 Case by Grove

Posted on Mar 28, 2011



When I upgraded to the iPhone 4, I had to get a new case.  I wanted to get something special because, let's face it, my phone is in my hand pretty much all the time.  I wanted something that I enjoyed looking at.  These bamboo cases from Grove were exactly what I was looking for. The deal was sealed when I learned this company resides in Portland. Bamboo was also a great choice for me because it's a renewable source. I purchased my case and waited almost 2 months for it to arrive.  I didn't mind, I knew I was going to get a piece of art.  




I had my case for about 6 months and loved it so much.  I constantly got compliments on it and people were always shocked to hear it was made from bamboo.  When I was in Toronto for my cousin's wedding, I was putting my case back onto my phone (the room I was staying in had almost no reception) and the case split.  I almost cried.  I couldn't believe my case was broken.




When I returned home, I got on their website to see what my options were.  They have a Grove Replacement Program where you can purchase a new case for 50% off if you break your case.  That's a hell of a deal, but I felt I wasn't at fault for breaking my case because I was simply just putting the case on my phone as I had done many times before. I sent Grove an email with pictures of my case.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email the following day.  Kim was super nice and asked me some follow up questions about what happened to my case.  After I sent in more information, she was quick to respond and told me that they would send me a replacement case.   




Wow!  I am just so impressed with their customer service!  I received my new case last week and I'm just thrilled to have it.  They are now making cases with a bamboo bezel.  My old case had a metal one.  I had also forgotten about the amazing new case smell.  The wood just smells incredible and it makes me want to try and hold onto that essence for as long as I can.



Grove really is exactly the kind of company that exudes Portland awesomeness.  They create a brilliant product from renewable sources, package it lightly (it comes in it's own by-product which is also a frame) and is backed by amazing customer service.  If you are looking for a case for your phone or iPad, definitely make sure you check out Grove.  They have new designs constantly and you can even send them your original art to be laser etched onto a case.  I love the cases MapleXO created out of recycled skateboards.  


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  1. Did you get the dark or light colour bamboo? I can’t really tell from the photo. It’s beautiful! I want one! Been thinking about it for 3 months now!

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