Wondrous Art Wednesday – Amy Ruppel

Posted on Mar 30, 2011



Amy Ruppel has been on my mind lately.  Ever since I found out she was half of the creative force behind the Portland Bingo Cards, I've been thinking about her.  She is a Portland Artist I've loved for years.  I've been wanting to dive back in to Wondrous Art Wednesdays; I can't believe I've taken a break this long!  When thinking of who to write about, Amy seemed like the obvious choice.  I got on her website and found out that she was having a sale!  Yay!  I've always wanted to own one of her encaustic paintings and now was my chance.  I received the above 4 x 4 inch encaustic piece a few days ago.  It's really incredible.  I've done a bit of encaustic work and I cannot figure out how she makes her work look so perfect. It's really beautiful!  



Besides encaustic paintings, she also does illustrations, ceramics and photography.  She pretty much does it all!  Check out her website and Etsy store for more of her work.










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