Felt Flower Rings in the NCNM Vis and Qi Bookstore

Posted on Apr 12, 2011



I'm so excited to announce that my Felt Flower Rings are now for sale at the NCNM Vis and Qi bookstore!  One of my big goals for 2011 was to get out there and market myself more.  This is just the first step on that road.  I am hoping to have an Etsy store up soon as well.  




The bookstore received my first batch of 20 rings.  I've been making these like mad and just love how they are turning out.  I also made the ring holder and will soon have a tutorial posted, so you can make your own.




I currently have two styles of rings.  The flower that's posted in the top picture and these circle rings.  I have many more ring ideas in my head just waiting to be made.




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