Record Store Day

Posted on Apr 19, 2011


 Last Saturday was the 4th Annual Record Store Day.  This new tradition is one that we get pretty excited about.  My husband loves music and tries to go record shopping every chance he gets.  It's fun to have a special day devoted to the thing he loves most.  This year we planned our route and brought my mom-in-law along.  We hit 7 stores in all and got lots of Record Store Day grab bag goodies.  


We started off the day at Music Millenium.  You kind of just have to.  This Portland institution is a driving force behind RSD and they usually have the best grab bags.


Many bands will issue a special single in celebration.  We bought the RSD exclusive 7" from Duran Duran.  I even wore my t-shirt that says 'Her name is Rio and she don't need to understand', in anticipation.  Yes, I'm a child of the 80's. 


Next was Exiled Records.  I dig this store a lot.  They carry very unusal stuff and they have a great folk section.  


Green Noise is mostly punk, but you never know what you'll find in their used bins.  


Visiting Tender Loving Empire was a nice treat.  My husband and Mom-in-law hadn't been before and they loved it.  With 20% off all of their entire catelog, it was a great time to pick up a few and support our local music scene. We even used our Supportland card!


It was a nice break for me because I got to look at all of the amazing local crafts for sale there.


We hit the downtown Jackpot which was a nice change.  We usually only go to the Hawthorne store.  Every store we went to was packed!  Lines at Jackpot were especially long.  It's great that so many folks come out to participate in this fun day.


We stopped for lunch at Ringler's under the Crystal Ballroom.  It tied into the music themed day.


Everyday Music can be very overwhelming.  It's just so big.  You could spend half of the day just there.


Many of the stores had live music through out the day.  We only happened upon this band, Brush Prairie.


We ended the day at our old stand by.  CD Game Exchange has great cheap bins.


My husband is the main buying force when we go to record stores.  We ended up with 38 CDs and 3 records.  The average price per CD was $3.00.  It's so amazing to find great inexpensive music.  We in Portland are blessed by the number of great record stores we have.  

Music I Found Today in the $1 and $2 bins:


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