30 Days of No TV

Posted on Jul 27, 2012


I decided a few months ago that Greg and I should take a month off from watching TV. We don’t watch commercial TV, but we watch a heck of a lot of Netflix. I spent many years as a latch key kid and TV has always played an important role in my life. Let’s face it, I love it. When I posed the idea to Greg, he quickly agreed. I had sort of hoped he would have put up more of a fight, because internally it kind of freaked me out. But I knew this was a good thing. We decided to take the month of July off.

On June 26th, Greg realized that the Olympics start July 27th. We are both huge fans and seeing the games is important to us. So we decided to start the month the next day on June 27th.

OK, to say that I was a little freaked was an understatement. I found myself thinking about TV during times when I never watched it. I definitely had withdrawals. Greg and I spent nights lamenting on how great it would be to watch a movie. But we never faltered. And really, it wasn’t that bad.

Here are some things that came as a result of not watching TV for one month

  • A project that Greg and I have been talking about for years has gotten off the ground. A website has even been created. We are hoping to have this new project up and running in the next couple of months. Super exciting!
  • I read Moby Dick and 3 other books
  • I went to bed earlier
  • I never once looked at Pinterest
  • I spent less time on Facebook and playing Words with Friends

I’m super excited to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight.  I’m also glad that we will be watching movies again.  I don’t ever see us living without a TV, but taking this month off has let me recognize some patterns and change some habits.  Now the goal is to not be so dependent on it and to have more days in the week where we don’t watch than we do.


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  1. I’ve been living without television for quite a while, I guess 2 years, watching tv only when I “have to”, for example, at friend’s place.
    I guess I’m more an Internet person now although I couldn’t imagine my life without certain tv channels.

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