Walking My Cat

Posted on Jul 30, 2012


Trilly is an old man at age 16. One thing I’ve always felt a little guilty about is that he’s an indoor cat. When we got Trilly, as a kitten, we lived on Burnside and letting him outside wasn’t a viable option. We had him for several years before moving to the more residential Brooklyn neighborhood. ┬áHe lacked the skills to be safe outside, so we kept him in.


Last week, I drove past a lady sitting on her front steps. She had her cat on a leash and the cat looked super happy rolling around on the grass. Brilliant! I thought this might be the perfect solution for Trilly. He would be able to experience the outdoors, but not be in danger of cars or mean cats. Yesterday, Greg found a harness and leash at goodwill for three bucks. It was meant to be.


Greg and I took Trilly outside and let him walk around the backyard. I was very nervous. What if he freaked out? What if he bolted? But nothing bad happened. He enjoyed hanging out and smelling all the plants. Today I took him out for about 30 minutes. I’m so excited about this new option for our indoor cat. I look forward to many walks with Trilly.


  1. I’m sure I’m not one bit biased, but my Grand Cat, Trilly, looks extremely handsome with his red harness and leash. Red is a good color on him!
    Trilly’s Nanna

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  2. He is a good looking cat and the red is great on him. :) The next time you visit, we can take him out.
    Love you!

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