Posted on Aug 20, 2013



Greg wanted to go to Pickathon as his celebration of his 40th birthday. I must admit, I was a little worried about attending this 3 day music festival. I’m not the best in crowds and I was worried. I’m so glad we went. It was better than anything I expected. They keep the audience levels low and it created a wonderful experience. It never felt uncomfortably crowded. It was so well planned and we had a great time.


I didn’t realize the camping was on a hill. It was quite the trek to our camp and therefore we didn’t hang out there very much. People put up tents where ever they could and it made for tight quarters. I really appreciated that the paths were lit at night.


After we had set up camped, we headed for food. I ended eating this Boke Breakfast Bowl three days in a row. It was just that good. Greg opted for Pine State Biscuits. The food choices were outstanding. It was very easy to be GF at the festival. We intentionally didn’t bring any food with us. We viewed this weekend as a fancy vacation and we lived it up. We also drank a lot of cider, kombucha, and even had a cocktail. The token system is brilliant. It cut down on waste and we got to keep our very cool dishes.


The natural amphitheater made it very easy to see most of the music. People put blankets down and those spaces were respected even when the owners left for short periods of time. The friendly camaraderie among the attendees created a great communal experience.


There were 10 stages and bands played almost around the clock. We saw so many great shows.


There were about 1,000 kids at the festival. I was glad to see most of them wearing protective ear wear.


Activities for the whole family.


Schedules were posted in several places. Trying to decide what to see was tricky.


The festival is hosted by Pendarvis Family. They farm is beautiful and the horses were a big hit.


Like I said, the crowds were not a problem at all. The only line we stood in the entire weekend was for ice cream. That line was constant the entire warm weekend.


The most impressive stage was the Woods Stage tucked under the trees.


Our favorite shows were here, probably because the crowd was such a major part of the show. It was just fun to dance and sing along with everyone.




The Lone Bellow was definitely a highlight.




I wasn’t a big Andrew Bird fan previously. He totally won me over with this performance. He is really gifted and the entire crowd was mesmerized.


The Divine Fits felt like a big arena rock show.


The sun sails were extraordinary. They beautifully kept us in the shade all day and made the most lovely lit screen at night. Really such a work of art.


Feist was the big headliner. She impressed us with her musical talent. We were lucky to see her sound check early in the day. She put on a great show and we were able to be about 10 feet away from her. It was a great way to cap off a great weekend. We are already planning on going next year. I could see this turning into a tradition.

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