Saul Williams at Doug Fir

Posted on Sep 21, 2012


I have been a fan of Saul Williams for over 15 years now. I was thrilled when my brother-in-law suggested we see Saul at Doug Fir. Greg and I have seen Saul twice before backed with his band. here is my post about seeing him in 2008 at the Aladdin. This time, he stood alone on stage and did spoken poetry. It was an intimate and incredible night. I’m so glad I was able to attend this concert.



We got to Doug Fir just after the doors opened. Only a few people were around and we were able to get a table close to the stage.



Jason Graham of MOsley WOtta was the opening act. He started by having the packed room stand up and stretch.





This immediately made the crowd relaxed and happy. We were all in this together.






At one point Jason talked about how giddy he was to open for Saul. Saul came out and stood on the sidelines to see the last pieces Jason performed.




Saul started the night by inviting people from the audience to perform their own poems. I was amazed that about 8 people headed on stage. So brave. The first performer was this girl. I was completely blown away. I wish I would have remembered her name. Everyone had great poems and the crowd was attentive and supportive.




The rest of the evening was filled with his poems and questions from the audience. He said early in that we could do whatever we wanted in this small setting. He took a few requests from the audience and even told stories about how those pieces were created. He gave freely of himself and the crowd was most appreciative. It was a wonderful experience and I lef that night feeling connected to the greater whole.


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